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 Launching the SWIRL Project in Ards and North Down

Swirl Project is funded by the National Lottery for three years, starting from April 2024. The project is dedicated to promoting wellbeing, offering accredited courses, and facilitating continuous professional development (CPD) for women across North Down and Ards.


At the heart of Swirl Project is a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. We understand the challenges faced by women, and we’re determined to provide solutions. Through a blend of innovative programs and dedicated volunteers, we aim to promote resilience, broaden employability options, and encourage a sense of purpose among participants.

One of the key points of Swirl is accessibility. Recognizing that childcare and access to traditional classes can be barriers for many, we’re proud to offer comprehensive childcare services and utilize digital platforms for course delivery. This ensures that every woman, regardless of her circumstances, can participate fully and reap the benefits of our offerings.

In addition to our core curriculum, Swirl Project will introduce a diverse range of English classes tailored to support migrants as they acclimatize and integrate into the community.

Our activities are carefully planned to strike a balance between personal growth and professional development. From self-esteem and confidence-building workshops to practical sessions aimed at enhancing CVs, every aspect of Swirl Project is designed to empower women to reach their fullest potential.

But Swirl Project isn’t just about learning; it’s about forging connections and building a supportive community. We invite women to join our networking group, where they can not only make new friends and socialize but also lend their voices to important discussions and offer peer support.