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KWC Launch the 2023-2024 ‘One Stop Shop’ Tackling Domestic Abuse

Announcing the Launch of the 2023- 2024 One Stop Shop Service for Women Facing Domestic Abuse in Ards and North Down

Kilcooley Women’s Centre is pleased to announce the launch of our new One Stop Shop service for 2023-2024, generously funded by the Police Community Safety Partnership (PCSP). This annual programme is supported currently until March 2024. This innovative service is designed to provide comprehensive advocacy and support for women facing domestic abuse and coercive control in the Ards and North Down region.

A Safe Haven for Women

Domestic abuse is a pervasive issue that affects countless women and families in our community. At Kilcooley Women’s Centre, we believe in creating a safe, supportive environment where women can access the resources they need to overcome abuse and rebuild their lives. Our new One Stop Shop service is a critical step in this mission, offering a number of  centralised hubs and locations for comprehensive ‘walk in’ support.  

Support will be offered in Bangor, Balloo and Ards Peninsula, complimented by a digital service with a dedicated website.

What the One Stop Shop Service Offers

The One Stop Shop service is tailored to meet the unique needs of women experiencing domestic abuse. Here’s what we provide:

1. Comprehensive Advocacy:

  • Legal Support: Assistance with understanding legal rights, obtaining protective orders, and navigating the judicial system.
  • Housing Assistance: Help with finding safe housing options and emergency shelter placements.  We will work closely with NIHE team.
  • Financial Guidance: Advice on financial planning, accessing benefits, and economic independence.  We will work closely with Community Advice Ards North Down. 
  • Navigating Social Services – with any report of domestic abuse where children are in the household, Social Services are automatically involved.  KWC will be by your side as you access the support offered by the social service team.

2. Emotional and Psychological Support:

  • Counseling Services: Access to professional counselors specializing in trauma and domestic abuse.  We will refer onto NEXUS.
  • Support Groups: Peer support groups where women can share their experiences and build a supportive network.

3. Health and Well-being:

  • Medical Referrals: Connections to healthcare providers for physical and mental health needs.
  • Wellness Programs: Workshops and activities focused on self-care, stress management, and overall well-being.

4. Empowerment and Education:

  • Skill Development: Training programs to build new skills and improve employability.
  • Educational Workshops: Sessions on healthy relationships, self-defense, and personal empowerment.
How to Access One Stop Shop Services

The One Stop Shop service is designed to be accessible and user-friendly. It will have a bi-weekly clinic advertised for its location where women can simply call in.  Women in need can contact us via phone, email, or in person at our centre at any time, or use the dedicated website Our dedicated team will provide confidential, compassionate support and guide women through the available services.

  • Phone: 02891478292
  • Email:
  • Address: Unit 65 Enterprise House, 2-4 Balloo Avenue, Bangor BT19 7QT
A Community Effort

The launch of the One Stop Shop service is made possible through the generous funding and support of the Ards and North Down Police Community Safety Partnership. This collaboration underscores the importance of community partnerships in addressing domestic abuse and providing holistic support to those in need.

Looking Ahead

At Kilcooley Women’s Centre, we are committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of women facing domestic abuse. The One Stop Shop service is not just a program; it’s a lifeline, a beacon of hope, and a step towards a safer, more supportive community.

We invite everyone in the Ards and North Down region to join us in spreading the word about this essential service. Together, we can create a community where every woman feels safe, supported, and empowered to live free from abuse.

For more updates and information, follow us on our social media channels and visit our website. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to making a difference.

Kilcooley Women’s Centre is dedicated to empowering women and promoting community well-being through comprehensive support services and advocacy. The launch of the One Stop Shop service marks a significant milestone in our efforts to support women facing domestic abuse in Ards and North Down.