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KWC Promoting Social Enterprise & Social Value in Westminster

KWC were thrilled to participate in the annual NI Trade Event in  the Houses of Parliament, Westminster! This prestigious event presents an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our impactful social enterprise initiatives and the invaluable work we do in promoting social value across communities. The event enabled us to tell business and political leaders  about our East-West relationships across the British Isles.

Why Attend the NI Trade Event?

The NI Trade Event in Westminster is a premier platform that brings together businesses, and political players from Northern Ireland and beyond. It’s an excellent opportunity to network, collaborate, and discover innovative projects that are making a real difference and make Northern Ireland a great place to invest, visit, live and raise a family Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss this event:

1. Network with Influential Leaders

  • Meet key stakeholders, policymakers, and business leaders.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations that could lead to fruitful partnerships.

2. Discover Innovative Projects

  • Explore groundbreaking initiatives and success stories.
  • Gain insights into best practices and strategies that can be applied to your own work.

3. Promote Social Value

  • Learn about the importance of social value in business and community projects.
  • See firsthand how organizations like Kilcooley Women’s Centre are driving positive change.

Kilcooley Women’s Centre: Bridging Communities and Creating Impact

Our Mission

Kilcooley Women’s Centre is dedicated to empowering women and families through education, support, and community development. We believe in the power of social enterprise to create sustainable change and improve lives.

Building East-West Relationships

One of our key focuses at the NI Trade Event will be to highlight our efforts in developing strong East-West relationships across the British Isles. These connections are vital for sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities that benefit communities on both sides.

Showcasing Our Social Enterprise Work

At the event, we will showcase our various social enterprise initiatives, including:

  • Corporate Training, Skills, and Educational Programs: Providing access to lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Investing in People –  Offering training advice, and support to those considered economically inactive and how they can be reintegrated into the Labour market
  • Community Development Projects: Promoting local development and community cohesion.

The Impact of Our Work

Our projects have had a significant impact on the lives of many individuals and families. By attending the NI Trade Event, you will have the chance to hear directly how partnership with business has benefited our programs and participants and learn about the real-world effects of our work.

How You Can Get Involved

We encourage business organisations to reach out to us if we can assist them deliver on their Social Value commitments. Whether you’re a business leader, community organizer, or simply someone interested in social value, there’s potential for us to collaborate.

Network with Us: Use this opportunity to connect and discuss potential collaborations.