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KWC Successful Bid to Hubbub FoodHub Programme

The KWC Wellbeing Team are delighted to announce the partnership with Hubbubb as part of their FoodHub, Community Fridge and Regional Food Hubble.

Hubbub is an award-winning environmental charity that’s all about inspiring action that’s good for the environment and for everyone. They  bring businesses, organisations, local authorities and community groups together to create campaigns that make it easier and more possible for all of us to make choices that are good for the environment.

Every campaign is sparked by  passion to problem-solve and connect with people – like making leftovers tastier, reuse easier, second-hand the default and communities that are greener and more connected to the environment. Everyday solutions that do good, feel good and show how much change is possible when people come together.

Because to make change at the scale and pace needed, we all need to get on board. `Kilcooley Women’s Centre are delighted to become part of the HUBBUB programme.

As part of our Sustainability Strategy and journey to Net Zero, we are working to redistribute and be creative with local food waste and create safe, happy and productive  social spaces at the same time through our membership of the Community Fridge Network, reconnecting people who are digitally isolated, and campaign for communal spaces in Ards North Down  to grow, play, and have access to nature.

The main element of this project is our CHATTY CAFE, bringing people together over a speciality coffee, or tasty tea.

The Kilcooley FoodHub will work on 3 key themes

Skills and Training – To up-skill our community and raise awareness of affordable, healthy and sustainable living. Delivering workshops and events, Cooking Programmes / Demo’s,  and skill-sharing.

Affordable / Free Food – We will explore how we try out new approaches to increase access to local and affordable food. 

Community Connections – To provide the opportunity for the community to come together around shared food,  community meals, coffee and chats, and recipe shares.