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KWC Visit Palace of Westminster for the Bond Street Awards 2023

Kilcooley Women’s Centre Honored at Bond Street Awards: Celebrating Business and Enterprise Excellence in the UK

Kilcooley Women’s Centre (KWC) had the honour of attending the prestigious Bond Street Awards 2023 event held at the Palace of Westminster in December 2023. This high profile event marked a significant milestone in KWC’s journey as a leader in the field of social enterprise in the region of Ards North Down in Northern Ireland. Let’s delve into what the Bond Street Awards are and the importance of this cross-sectoral networking opportunity.

The Bond Street Awards: The Bond Street Awards are a renowned platform that celebrates and honours excellence in business excellence  across the United Kingdom. Recognizing organisations that make a positive impact on society through innovative business models and community-driven initiatives, the awards highlight the transformative power of enterprise in tackling pressing business, social and environmental challenges.

Cross-Sectoral Networking and Exchange: One of the key highlights of the Bond Street Awards is the opportunity for cross-sectoral networking and the exchange of best practices among business and enterprises from different regions of the UK. This collaborative environment underpins knowledge- transfer and sharing, collaboration, and mutual support, empowering organisations like KWC to learn from others, forge valuable partnerships, and drive positive change within society.

Delight and Gratitude: For KWC, attending the Bond Street Awards was a moment of immense pride. Being recognized on such a prestigious platform not only validates the hard work and dedication of the KWC Board, Staff Team and organisation but also highlights the impact it has made in advancing social enterprise and community development in Northern Ireland. The team at KWC was delighted to participate in the celebration and to be among fellow changemakers who are driving meaningful change across the UK.

Celebrating Social Enterprise Excellence: At the heart of the Bond Street Awards is a celebration of entrepreneurial excellence and its potential to create a more successful, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable society. By shining a spotlight on organisations like KWC, and the social enterprise sector, the awards inspire others to embrace the principles of business and  entrepreneurship and to also use the opportunity to focus on social value and harness the power of business for good.

Looking Ahead: As KWC reflects on its experience at the Bond Street Awards, the organisation is inspired to continue its mission and vision of empowering women, families, and communities in Northern Ireland. Armed with newfound insights and connections, KWC is poised to further amplify its impact, drive innovation, and create lasting social change and lever in social value to disadvantaged areas.

The Bond Street Awards event at the Palace of Westminster was a momentous occasion for Kilcooley Women’s Centre, underscoring its commitment to social enterprise excellence and community empowerment. As KWC looks to the future, it remains steadfast in its dedication to making a positive difference and leaving a lasting legacy of social impact in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives from Kilcooley Women’s Centre as it continues its journey of empowerment and social transformation.