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Access NI for most organisations/individuals

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Access NI is the criminal record disclosure agency for Northern Ireland.

It provides individuals and organizations with access to criminal history information to help make informed decisions about employment, volunteering, and other activities involving vulnerable groups.

Access NI conducts checks on individuals and issues certificates indicating the level of disclosure based on the nature of the position or activity involved.

This service helps safeguard vulnerable populations and ensures safer environments within communities.


Access NI checks are typically needed in various situations where individuals will be working or volunteering in positions that involve contact with vulnerable groups, such as children or adults at risk. Some common scenarios where Access NI checks are required include:

1. Employment in schools, childcare facilities, or healthcare settings.
2. Volunteering with youth organizations, sports clubs, or community groups.
3. Working with vulnerable adults in care homes, support services, or mental health facilities.
4. Roles involving financial or legal responsibilities, such as trustees or charity workers.
5. Certain licensing applications, such as taxi driver licenses or liquor licenses, may also require Access NI checks.

In essence, any role or activity that involves significant interaction with vulnerable individuals or where there is a need for increased security and trustworthiness may necessitate an Access NI check.