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We Get - Women Entrepreneurs Generating Enhanced Training

WE GET is a European collaboration as part of the ‘Let Her In’ International Consortium which Kilcooley Women’s Centre is a partner.  The project is led by VI One, a training organisation based in the Netlherlands.  Parners on the project are:

  • Vi One – The Hague, Netherlands
  • DomSpain Consulting – Based in Reus, Catalonia Spain
  • Istituto Dei Sordi Di Torino – Based in Pianezza/Turin, Italy
  • Kilcooley Women’s Centre – Based in Bangor, Northern Ireland
  • Les Apprimeeurs  – Based in Paris France
  • Rusenska Targovsko Industrialina Kamara – Based in Ruse, ~~~Bulgaria  

The project commences in November 2020, and will have updates on this portal and on our social media, as we collectively research and develop a EU Toolkit for Female Entrepreneurs.   

Meetings have so far taken place in Paris, Bangor and most recently Bulgaria. 

As a partnership we have developed a training program of 6 modules for trainers working with female entrprenuers and a second program for female entreprenurs. 

There is also an E Library, allowing female entreprenurs a one stop shop to get information on becoming an entreprenuer in their country. 

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