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KWC celebrates International women’s day

Biggest turn out yet to celebrate women

On March 8th, 2024, the First Church in Bangor became a beacon of celebration and empowerment as over 100 people gathered to honour International Women’s Day. With profound gratitude to the church’s warm hospitality, the event unfolded into a tapestry of inspirational narratives and shared experiences.

Diverse voices resonated through the halls as speakers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), Robinsons Jewellers, and the National Lottery took the stage. Each recounted their personal journeys, weaving tales of triumph over adversity, and shedding light on the unique challenges faced as women in today’s society. Their stories not only resonated but also inspired, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity among attendees.

As the event unfolded, participants were treated to a delightful brunch, a nourishing feast for both body and soul. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as attendees browsed through an array of stalls, each offering a wealth of information and resources. From the Police and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) to household names like ASDA and Tesco, from the invaluable support of Women’s Aid to financial empowerment with Barclays Bank, the event provided a platform for vital connections and education.

Beauty stalls offered moments of reprieve, inviting guests to indulge in a bit of self-care and pampering. 

The success of the event was palpable, drawing the attention of dignitaries including the esteemed Madam Mayor. Their presence underscored the significance of the occasion, affirming the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women in all spheres of life.

The day’s impact extended beyond the church’s walls, resonating throughout the community and beyond. A devoted page in the local Spectator immortalized the event, ensuring its legacy would endure, inspiring future generations to continue the journey towards equality and empowerment.