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KWC Westminster Hustings Event in Partnership with Bangor Chamber of Commerce – 20 June 2024

Empowering Voices:  Political Hustings Event for Westminster Elections 2024

Kilcooley Women’s Centre, in partnership with the Bangor Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to announce the hosting of a political hustings event for the upcoming Westminster elections 2024. This event aims to bring together local candidates, business leaders, and community members to discuss critical issues and promote civic engagement, particularly among women and business leaders.

Why Host a Hustings Event?

Hustings events are a vital part of the democratic process, offering a platform for voters to hear directly from candidates about their policies, visions, and commitments. This engagement is crucial for delivering informed voting, encouraging political participation, and ensuring that elected representatives truly reflect the will of the people.

Partnering with Bangor Chamber of Commerce

Our collaboration with the Bangor Chamber of Commerce underscores the importance of connecting the political dialogue with local economic and social issues. The Chamber, representing a broad spectrum of businesses, brings valuable insights into the needs and concerns of the local economy. This partnership will ensure that the event addresses topics that matter most to our community, from the Seafront and Waterfront development, the City Deal, town centre and high street regeneration, economic development and job creation to business support and innovation.

Encouraging Women to Vote

A significant focus of this event is to encourage more women to participate in the electoral process. Historically, women’s voices have been underrepresented in politics. By creating an inclusive and accessible environment, we aim to empower women to engage in political discussions and exercise their right to vote. Here’s why encouraging women to vote is so important:

  1. Representation Matters:

    • Women’s perspectives are essential for comprehensive and balanced policy-making. By voting, women can help elect representatives who prioritize issues such as healthcare, education, childcare, and equal pay.
  2. Addressing Gender-Specific Issues:

    • Women face unique challenges, including gender-based violence, reproductive rights, and workplace discrimination. Voting is a powerful tool for advocating for policies that address these issues.
  3. Strengthening Democracy:

    • A vibrant democracy depends on the participation of all its citizens. When women vote, they contribute to the legitimacy and responsiveness of the political system.
  4. Role Models for Future Generations:

    • By actively participating in the electoral process, women set a positive example for younger generations, inspiring future leaders and voters.

Event Highlights

The hustings event will feature:

  • Candidate Q&A Sessions:

    • Candidates from all major parties will answer questions on key issues, providing clarity on their positions and policies.
  • Focus on Women’s Issues:

    • Special segments dedicated to discussing policies that impact women directly, such as violence against women, gender equality, and women’s health.
  • Networking Opportunities:

    • Attendees will have the chance to network with candidates, business leaders, and community activists, strengthening connections and collaborations.
  • Voter Registration Assistance:

    • Information and assistance will be available to ensure everyone is registered and ready to vote and guidance on how to get a postal or proxy vote should you be away on 4th July – Election Day!

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite KWC and Chamber members to attend this important event. Your participation is crucial for a robust and representative democracy. Together, we can ensure that the voices of women and all community members are heard loud and clear in the Westminster elections 2024.

Stay updated on the event details by following Kilcooley Women’s Centre and Bangor Chamber of Commerce on social media. Let’s make this election a turning point for increased political engagement and representation.

Kilcooley Women’s Centre is committed to empowering women and promoting civic participation. Our partnership with Bangor Chamber of Commerce for the Westminster elections 2024 hustings event is a testament to our dedication to building a vibrant and inclusive democracy.