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Kilcooley Women’s Centre Welcomes Appointment to Ards North Down Police and Community Safety Partnership

Kilcooley Women’s Centre Welcomes Their Appointment to Ards North Down Police and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP)

We are delighted to announce that Kilcooley Women’s Centre has been appointed to the Ards North Down Police and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) by the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

Alison Blayney B.E.M. our CEO is rejoining the Board, with Sarah Collyer joining as her first appointment.

This critical public appointment marks a significant milestone for our mission in the advancement of women, empowering us to elevate the voices of local women and advocate for essential resources to combat violence against women and girls.

A Voice for Local Women

At Kilcooley Women’s Centre, our mission has always been to support, educate, and empower women in our community. This key appointment within the PCSP provides a crucial platform to bring women’s issues to the forefront of community safety discussions. We are committed to ensuring that the experiences and concerns of women in Ards North Down are heard and addressed, particularly in the climate of funding cuts and the rise in murders of women by partners/former partners – 19 from 2020!

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls

One of our primary objectives in this role will be to advocate for improved resources and strategies to end violence against women and girls. This includes raising awareness and pushing for enhanced measures to protect women in various aspects of their lives. Our focus will include:

  1. Women’s Safety in the Nighttime Economy:

    • The nighttime economy in Bangor is not always a welcoming place, it can pose significant risks for women, who have reported they do not feel safe, and we will work closely with local authorities and businesses  and Bangor Chamber of Commerce, to create safer environments. This includes better lighting, increased police presence, and safety education campaigns.
  2. Addressing Coercive Control:

    • Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse that often goes unnoticed. By educating the community and law enforcement about the signs and impacts of coercive control, we aim to ensure that victims receive the support they need and that perpetrators are held accountable.
  3. Combating Stalking:

    • Stalking is a pervasive issue that can have devastating effects on victims. We will advocate for stronger legal protections and more robust support systems for those affected by stalking, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  4. Promoting Awareness of Healthy Relationships:

    • Education is key to prevention. We will focus on promoting awareness of what constitutes a healthy relationship, particularly for young girls. This includes workshops, school engagement, and community outreach initiatives that teach respect, consent, and equality.

Our Commitment

Our appointment to the Ards North Down PCSP is not just a recognition of our work; it is a call to action. We are committed to using this opportunity to drive meaningful change. Through collaboration with local stakeholders, we will develop comprehensive strategies that address the root causes of violence and create a safer, more inclusive community for everyone.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite everyone in our community to join us in this mission. Whether you are a local business, a community member, or a representative of an organization, your support and involvement are crucial. Together, we can create a community where women and girls feel safe, respected, and valued.

Stay tuned for updates on our initiatives and ways you can get involved. Follow Kilcooley Women’s Centre on social media and visit our website for more information.

Thank you for your continued support. Let’s work together to build a safer, more just society for all women and girls in Ards North Down.

Kilcooley Women’s Centre is dedicated to the empowerment and well-being of women in our community. Our new role within the Ards North Down PCSP is a testament to our commitment to advocating for the safety and rights of women and girls.